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Frequently Asked Questions

At Matrix, we are very flexible with the type of contract you want to set up. You can hire a dedicated team or individual resource on an annual, monthly or even adjustable (Flexi-hiring) block of hours. Talk to our Team to know more about our Plans.
Our process is simple – speak to us and share your requirements, according to which our consultants will provide you with the best-fit resources from our pool, and once confirmed, the hiring contract begins.
For singular resources, they will themselves be the point-of-contact and will interact directly with you. For dedicated teams, we will assign a team lead. However, you can also hire a part-time Project Coordinator at a minimal cost in case you feel overwhelmed with the task of managing the project all by yourself.
For singular resources, we provide a 5-days trial period. There is no trial period for dedicated teams, as the best-fit group of personnel is hand-picked by our experienced Project Managers. In case of concerns with a team member, we will promptly replace the individual with someone of equal or more competence.
Yes, absolutely. Even though our resources go through rigorous interviews (technical and personality) and background checks, we do understand that not every individual will be a perfect fit for every company.
You, the client, will have 100% ownership of all intellectual property, rights, source codes, creatives, and products created by Matrix Media once all due payments are clear.
Matrix has a well-defined management and communication process. We are comfortable with project management tools like GitHub, Jira, Wrike, Asana, etc. (depending on what you are ready to work with) and communication tools such as Skype, Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Each resource is a full-time employee of Matrix Media and works within the premises. Every resource signs a contract to follow the organization’s policies regarding intellectual property, security, code of conduct and any other aspects that may affect your work.
Matrix Media has a carefully etched out BCP (business continuity plan) in place, which kicks in during any crisis, global or local. Our clients did not need to compromise with even an hour’s worth of work during the entire Covid-19 pandemic phases of lockdowns.
We accept payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer and Credit Card. We will give you exact details of each of these methods once we communicate.

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Guarantee of Replacement

One of the prime hurdles agencies face with outsourced hybrid technical teams is replacing individual resources with others having the same technical or creative competence. At Matrix, we assure a 100% replacement guarantee with minimal delay. Furthermore, we ensure that the substitute is equally proficient and has similar levels of experience. To facilitate this seamless process, our HR Department has a well-mapped competence matrix which guarantees that we always have replacements lined up for every resource that you hire. On the greener side, the replacement of skilled resources is no longer your part of the job, as we are committed to the entire process of micro-managing the Team to get the tasks done satisfactorily and on time.

Data Privacy

Every business has information that is confidential to its purpose and integral to the organization. This confidential information can be internal proprietary information or simple data collected from users in digital format over a period. We at Matrix understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of such information and have SOPs to ensure that it is safe with us. We are committed to securing the information shared with our organization and are open to signing any standard NDAs before you disclose your sensitive business aspects, operational logic, data, user information, or project specifications. Our resources, in turn, are bound by NDAs for the entirety of their employment and even after.

360-degree Services

As a growing business, we understand that our clients need a wide range of services and associated activities related to dedicated teams. Our consulting team not only understands your immediate requirements but also helps you map out other correlated services that may be needed so that you can get a 360-degree approach that gives you peace of mind. Our packages can account for a highly flexible model and give you complete control over your development costs. Talk to one of our consultants today.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

With eighteen strong years under our belt, we believe in deep investments in both people and infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art development center provides a comfortable and peaceful work environment for the Matrix Team. We have been quick to ensure reliable networks, the latest hardware, and systems for our professional requirements and do not cut corners. With the new hybrid work model developing, we have ensured that our WFH teams work in secure environments with all required tech assistance.

Easy Scalability of Team

One of the biggest challenges of remote teams is the difference in time and lack of project management processes, which reduces overall team productivity. At Matrix, not only have we introduced a wide range of best practices and productivity tools across all teams, but we work closely with the client-side to develop SOPs that align with their overall business processes. Scale, ease of communication, and optimum use of resources are some of the soft benefits of using the experienced and dedicated hires at Matrix Media.

Cost-Effective Development

While cost is foremost on our minds when looking at outsourcing, we tend to sit in the middle of the pricing spectrum where our services are not exorbitantly expensive or dirt cheap. Reasonable pricing allows everyone to be well compensated and motivated and at the same time ensure sustainable and high-quality services that leads to higher productivity and growth. The combination of flexible teams and pricing models have added advantages when working with Matrix Media.

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